SSH Connection

The SSH tunnel may help to connect to a database machine which is located into a network which is not accessible by DbSchema.
SSH Network

In the image above DbSchema is running on host A, outside the private network where the database is running on host C. To reach the database we will set a SSH tunnel between Host A and Host B.

In the SSH Panel of the connector editor enter the Host B with name, port, user and password. Press 'Test Tunnel' to make sure the tunnel is working.

In the Database Panel of the Connector editor enter the host C and the port where the database is running ( 3306 for MySql ). DbSchema will use 'localhost:3306' in the JDBC driver URL. The tunnel will redirect localhost:3306 to C:3306.

  Make sure that the port 3306 ( the port you are using for your database ) is not being used on host A ( localhost ). The SSH tunnel will try to redirect localhost:3306 to C:3306.