MongoDb Diagram Design Tool

Powerful, easy to use, DbSchema can help to visually design ER diagrams for MongoDB & interact with them. Document, query and share the design file in a team.

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DbSchema Diagram Designer

Visual Design & Schema Documentation

For schemaless databases like MongoDb DbSchema can generate a virtual schema by scanning documents from each collection and deducing the collection structure. This information is presented as diagrams.

The virtual schema can be commented and saved to project file. The diagrams can be exported as HTML5 or PDF diagram documentation, where the collection comments can be read interactive.

MongoDb Schema Documentation

All the data at your fingertips

Use the Relational Data Browse to simultaneously explore data from multiple collections. One collections may reference data from another collection using ObjectIds. We show this as virtual references (a kind of foreign keys) and we use them to explore data from multiple collections simultaneously.

Relational Data Browse

Design schema in a team

DbSchema is using its own image of the virtual schema, separate from the database. Advantages:

DbSchema Project File

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