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Build visual schemas, diagrams, and many more features for MongoDb Databases.

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Better Database Design

JSON as Diagrams

DbSchema can deduce a virtual schema by connecting to MongoDb and looking in sample collection records. This will help you to:

  • Visualize MongoDb using diagrams
  • Document the schema and generate HTML5 interactive documentation
  • Keep track of the schema changes
  • Open the schema design without database connectivity (offline)

Layouts & Documentation

Split complex databases to multiple layouts (groups of collections).

Layouts can be exported to an interactive HTML5 documentation where you can include comments to collections or columns.

Just try it on the image above.

The diagram above was generated executing a query similar to this one:

        "properties": {
                "name": {...}})

Browse Multiple Collections Simultaneously

Build Multiple Queries Visually

Text Editor

MongoDb Relational Data Browse
Mongo Visual Query Builder
Mongo SQL Editor

Use Relational Data Browse to view & edit data from multiple collections at the same time. Learn More

DbSchema features a visual query builder for MongoDb which can generate and execute queries in MongoDb native format. Learn More

This text query editor allows you to write queries in MongoDb native format. Learn More

Improve Your Design

Work Together With Your Team

DbSchema saves a local copy of the schema to a project file.
This approach makes it possible to:

  • Design schema without database connectivity;
  • Use GIT or any other versioning system to work on the project file with your team;
  • Open the project file with any text editor as XML;
  • Deploy one schema on multiple servers
  • Migrate one schema between different versions of the project file and generate migration scripts
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MongoDb Schema Synchronization

Export layouts to HTML5 documentation

A layout is a group of collections focused on a specific part of the database. With DbSchema, you can export layouts to interactive HTML5 documentation, add comments, and share them with your team. Learn More

Refresh, Compare & Synchronize

DbSchema uses project files to store the local image of the schema so you can work offline and synchronize it with the database later.
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MongoDb Schema Synchronization

MongoDb Reverse Engineer the Schema

Reverse Engineer the Schema

Use DbSchema to reverse engineer the schema from your MongoDb database.

Start designing now and benefit from:

All Databases Included

DbSchema licenses are valid for all supported databases.

Technical Support

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Full Compatibility

DbSchema works on Windows, Mac, and Linux