DbSchema Affiliates

If you are the beneficiary and the final user of the license, you can use a direct buy link.

If you are an affiliate (reseller) and not the final beneficiary, please use this link to sign-up for an affiliate account using Paypro Global, our e-commerce platform.

After registration, please save your affiliateId. You will need in the next steps.

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DbSchema Affiliates


  1. 1
    Licenses are Non-Transferable
    The affiliate program fulfills the EULA state for Non-transferable licenses
  2. 2
    Automatic Discount
    Affiliate sales get credited automatically and the payouts and the revenue split is handled by the affiliate system operated by PayPro Global. The discounts are visible in the affiliate account.
  1. 3
    Correct Invoice
    The invoice will be generated using the end-user name and address
  2. 4
    Get Quotes for Renewals
    Affiliates will receive a credit also for upgrades subscription.
  3. 5
    Purchase Using End-Customer Data
    The end-customer can purchase by himself, using the link you will provide

How to Purchase

During purchase please use the end-customer name and address. The customer can purchase directly, or the affiliate can purchase using the customer data. The invoice will be issued with the provided data. The discount will be transferred to the affiliate account.

New Licenses

Replace the affiliateId in one of the links above. You can send the purchase link to the end-user. The purchase must be done using the end-customer name and address.

Choose license Type:

... or using page redirect:


Software Upgrades

DbSchema perpetual licenses includes 1-year free upgrade to the latest released versions and technical support. After 1 year, a renewal license is required.

Before the renewal date, PayPalGlobal is sending an email with the renewal information and purchase link.

You can also purchase the renewal license using this link, by replacing the subscriptionid. Find the subscriptionId by logging in your PayProGlobal account with 'Forgot Password'.


Get a quote using:


You can get the renewal link by submitting this form:

Customer Area

Download invoices and manage subscriptions by logging in the PayProGlobal customer area:

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