Purchase DbSchema


For educational purposes

$ 63

Academic Licenses are available to accredited educational institutions, including vocational/trade schools, colleges, universities and institutions, and to individual students and teaching staff. Academic Licenses allow for use of fully-functional version of the software for non-commercial purposes only, including education and research.



For individual developers, administrators

$ 127

If you plan to purchase yourself a license and you are the only person planning to use that license, then the Personal License is for you. Personal licenses are non-transferable. Only one person (the owner) may use the same license on multiple computers.



For companies

$ 197

Commercial Licenses are available to legal entities, including companies and organizations (both for-profit and non-profit), requiring the software for general commercial use. Commercial Licenses that are registered in a legal entity name allow for use of the software on any computer and operating system by one developer or administrator.

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    All databases included

    Any of the licenses below will enable all features for all databases, SQL and NoSQL.

  • 2
    Licenses for life

    DbSchema licenses are perpetual and will never expire. All licenses include 1 year free updates to new developed versions, technical support and 30 days money back guarantee. We continue to improve DbSchema by adding new features, fix bugs and support new databases. For using the new developed versions a renewal license for about 31$/year personal, 48$ commercial is required, first year is free.

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    Volume discount

    Purchase 3 or more licenses and you will benefit from 15% off from the regular price.

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    Money back guarantee