Manage DbSchema Design Model in GIT

The DbSchema Design Model can be saved to file (.dbs). The file can be stored in GIT, in any repository you wish.

The GIT Dialog

The dialog is available under the 'Model' menu in DbSchema.

DbSchema GIT Dialog
The dialog shows the GIT revisions for the current model file. This assumes the current model is saved (as file) in the GIT repository. There you can:
  • Clone an existing repository
  • Commit and push repository changes
  • Pull last repository changes
Selecting two revisions you can compare the same model two versions.
Compare the design model from two revisions
Selecting two ore more revisions, you can choose to view the Change Audit. This shows all the modifications, the author and the change time. Use this to easy find out in which revisions has been modified a certain table or column.
Audit database schema changes