Visual Query Builder


If you need to compose database queries visually, without having to be an SQL expert, the Visual Query Builder is the right tool for you. The Visual Query Builder is will open inside layouts, will be saved inside the model file and can be reopen from the Data Tools menu.

How to Start the Query Editor

The easiest way to start the Query Editor is by clicking the table header. Alternative you can start an empty editor and drag & drop a table from the layout.
How to start the Visual Query Builder

Join further tables to the query

You may join further tables to the query using foreign keys or virtual foreign keys. Virtual foreign keys can be created by column drag & drop in the layout and will be saved to model file.

Add further tables to layout by clicking the small arrow icon near column. Clicking the label on the foreign key line you can switch to different join types: INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, EXISTS.

How to join further tables in the Visual Query Builder

Choose columns to select

Choose the columns to select by ticking the column checkboxes

How to select columns in the Visual Query Builder

Filter the data

Data can be filtered by right-click any of the columns and choosing the 'Filter' option

How to setup filters in the Visual Query Builder

Use Group By

The query can make use of the GROUP BY cause by selecting the toggle button in the query builder menu. Than you can make use of aggregate functions by right-clicking any of the columns and choose Aggregate: MIN, MAX, SUM, AVG....

How to add Group By columns in the Visual Query Builder

Save Result to File

Similar with the SQL Editor, the result can be saved to file from the Result pane.