DbSchema Interface

Using DbSchema you may start a project design from scratch ( with or without database ) or reverse engineer existing schema from the database.

Interact with the schema via diagrams ( also called layouts ). Layouts advantages :
  • Multiple layouts can be created, each focused on different part of the schema.
  • Table, columns and foreign keys can be edited directly in the layout by double-click
  • Layouts are saved to project file
  • Data and SQL tools are opened as editors inside the layout


  • Tree Pane shows the project and schema structure, tables, etc.
  • Layouts are diagrams with SQL and Data tools :
  • Diagram Perspective
  • SQL Preview shows the SQLs generated in Query Builder
  • SQL History shows the executed queries

DbSchema Interface

Key Features

Interactive Layouts
Interact with the schema: edit tables, columns and foreign keys directly in the layout.
Forms and Reports
Great forms and reports engine, with support for HTML, JavaFx and PDF.
Relational Data Browse
Powerful data explorer over multiple tables at a time, following the foreign keys between tables. Data can be deleted, added or edited.
Query Builder
Visual tool can write complex queries using INNER, OUTER, EXISTS joins, filters and group by clauses.
SQL Editor
DbSchema includes a powerful SQL editor, with syntax highlight, auto complete and automatic query generation. Queries can be executed one by one or as a script. The query execution plan can be generated.
Schema Synchronization
DbSchema stores the schema in its own database project. The project can be reopened without connecting to the database. You can connect to one or multiple databases and synchronize the schema with any of them. Synchronizing the schema means to compare the schema definition and merge the differences in the database or in the DbSchema project.
Compatibility with all SQL relational databases
DbSchema connects to any relational databases using JDBC drivers. This are a industry standard, provided by most of the databases. Schema can be converted between databases.
Schema Documentation
Schema documentation can be generated as :
  • PDF document
  • HTML5 web interactive graphic image
  • Printed paper