Schema Documentation

DbSchema can generate interactive documentation in HTML5 and PDF format. For this we recommend first creating multiple layouts, each layout focused on specific part of the schema.

Generate the Documentation

  1. Go to Layout > Export HTML5 or PDF Documentation;
  2. Choose the format: HTML5 or PDF;
  3. Choose documentation content;
  4. You preview the documentation in your browser.
Generate database documentation dialog

Enter the Table and Column Comments in the Diagram

When creating a new table or column, add comments about their contents in the Description section. Those comments can be seen in the HTML5 Documentation if you hover over the table or column.
Add table and column comments to schema

Explore the Documentation

The HTML5 documentation can be open using any browser. Table and column comments can be read as mouse-over tooltips.
Read table and column comments in the HTML5 documentation as mouse-over tooltips

Programmatically Generate Documentation

Documentation can be generated also using Groovy Scripts as explained in the Automation Chapter.