How to Connect to Databricks

The connection dialog is explained here.

Getting the JDBC URL

First, you have to create a Databricks in Azure and then use 'Launch Workspace' to access it. If you have multiple Compute items, click one of them.


In the cluster configuration scroll on the bottom to the 'Advanced' section.


There click the Advanced Options. There you will find the JDBC URL:

JDBC URL in Databricks

In DbSchema choose to manually connect to the database, and copy the JDBC URL. In the URL you have to replace the TOKEN as described below.

Connection Dialog in DbSchema

When connecting, you can leave the user and password fields empty.

Getting the Access Token

The token generation is documented as described in the Databricks documentation.

  • In your Azure Databricks workspace, click your Azure Databricks username in the top bar, and then select User Settings from the drop down.

    Databricks User Settings

  • On the Access tokens tab, click Generate new token.

Access Token

Generate an access token:

Access Token