How to Connect to Db2 on iSeries / AS400

First read How to Connect to Database to understand the Connection Dialog.

DbSchema includes Db2 drivers. The driver requires two files, db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license_cu.jar.

There is an open source JDBC driver available for AS400 / iSeries called jtopen. See

How to configure Winwdows Firewall for Db2 Firewalls & anti-viruses may block database connections. Read How to enable Firewall connections.

Run Db2 in Docker Container

There is a Db2 docker container available at

Create the container using:

docker run -itd --name db2 --privileged=true -p 50000:50000 -e LICENSE=accept -e DB2INST1_PASSWORD=DbSchema12 -e DBNAME=test ibmcom/db2
From DbSchema you can connect using
  • User: db2inst1
  • Password: DSchema12
  • Database: test

Install Db2 Express Edition

Db2 Express can be downloaded from After install you can connect using the user db2admin and the set password

Start the Db2 Command Line Window and execute the command

db2 list db directory
In Db2 Command Line Processor you can issue 'connect to sample' to connect to this database.

How to list Db2 running instances

Create New Database

From the Command Line Processor create a database using the command 'Create database test;''

How to create new database in DB2

Create new database in DB2

Connect from DbSchema using the user db2admin with password you defined during installation, and database test.

DbSchema Connection Dialog

Short Tutorial on Installing Db2 On Windows

Download Db2 Express from

During the installation you have to enter the password for the database user db2admin

How to install Db2 database

Choose the DB2 instance. This means you can run the DB2 software more than one time on a single computer. This parameter is not required in DbSchema.

Choose the DB2 instance

Short Tutorial on Installing Db2 On Linux Ubuntu

We have the experience of installing Db2 on Ubuntu 10.6, and we want to share this experience with you.

  • Install Java on Ubuntu using
    • In packadge manager enable third party software
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk
  • See
  • sudo apt-get libstdc++5
  • sudo apt-get libaio1
  • Download db2 software. Unpack and execute as root './db2_install'. Install in a different location: /opt/db2
  • Create three users as follow, with a home directory ( -m ) and with a group for them ( -U ). Change their password and be sure this users have a .profile file inside:
    useradd -m -U -s /bin/bash db2inst1
    useradd -m -U -s /bin/bash db2fenc1
    useradd -m -U -s /bin/bash dasusr1
    passwd db2inst1
    passwd db2fenc1
    passwd dasusr1
  • Create an instance and an administration server:
    cd /opt/db2/instance
    ./db2icrt -p 50000 -u db2fenc1 db2inst1
    ./db2dascrt -u dasuser1
  • Add the following lines to /etc/services:
    DB2_TMINST 50000/tcp
  • Login as db2inst1 and execute
    db2 update dbm cfg using svcename 50000
    db2set DB2COMM=tcpip
  • Start the database

Install Ubuntu utilities

  • Download TeamViewer debian packadge, execute:
    ln -s /opt/teamviewer/teamviewer/6/bin/teamviewer /etc/init.d/TeamViewer
    update-rc.d noip defaults
  • Download noip, execute:
    binaries/noip2-i686 -C
    ln -s /opt/noip-2.1.9-1/ /opt/init.d/noip
    update-rc.d noip defaults