How to Connect to HSQL HyperSQL

The connection dialog is explained here.

If you get HSQLDB HyperSQL User Not Found Error when you connect with a blank user id, it may be necessary to connect with the default admin user. The default login information would be a user id of SA and a blank password.

How to Open OpenOffice ODT Databases

If you have a single odt file, rename it to .zip and unpack it.

ODT databases should have database folder inside, with files

  • dbName.script
  • dbName.backup
  • In the DbSchema Connection dialog, choose the HSQL database, connect to file, and point the file to the folder/dbName. For example: jdbc:hsqldb:file:C:/Temp/TDDT-FX-TEST/database/TDDT-FX

    Connect to ODB database

    Connect to ODB database from DbSchema

    You can switch to 'Edit Manually' in the JDBC URL combo, and make sure the path is pointing correctly.

    Tip Firewalls & anti-viruses may block database connections. Read How to enable Firewall connections.