Visual Query Builder

Visual Query Builder is a DbSchema tool for building and executing SQL queries. The queries can use multiple tables with inner, outer or exists joins, group by, order by, etc.

hint  Executing the queries will require a connection to the database. The Query Builder will be saved to file and can be opened even without database.
Start the query builder by clicking a table or view header in the layout. You can start the query builder also from the menu and add the first table by drag and drop from the layout.
How to start the Query Builder

We join a second table by clicking the foreign key icon. We may change the join type by clicking the foreign key line between tables. If you miss foreign keys, you can create virtual foreign keys in the layout. They will be persisted to the project file.

Add further tables to the Query Builder

By double-clicking the table header we may edit the table alias used in the queries.
Change table alias

Adding one of the min(), max(), sum(), etc. functions to your query will transform the query in a group by query. All the ticked columns will be added to the 'group by' clause.
Group by query

The composed query is always visible on the left, in the SQL Preview frame.
Preview Query SQL

Execute the query directly in the query builder.
Preview Query SQL