Visual Query Builder

Visual Query Builder for building queries using the mouse.

It can generate queries using different JOIN clauses, like LEFT OUTER JOIN, EXISTS and NOT EXISTS. It can also make use of GROUP BY and ORDER BY clauses.

Visual Query Builder

Build Complex Queries

Graphically compose complex queries, using different JOIN types including LEFT OUTER JOIN, EXISTS, etc, as well as GROUP BY queries.

Save Visual Queries to Project File

The edited queries are saved in the visual form to the project file. Reopen the project and from the Query Builder menu you can access the previous created queries.

Filter Table Data

Right-click any column in the Query Builder to set an WHERE clause.

Create Group By Queries

By adding one of the SUM(), AVG(), COUNT(),... functions to your query, the query will make use of the GROUP BY clause.

Choose Columns Using Checkboxes

Choose the columns to be listed in the query using checkboxes.

Use Multiple Result Panes

Like for SQL Editor you can have multiple result panes. From the result pane you can choose to compare the table data.

Explain Query Execution Plan

This feature is being implemented only for some of the databases. Using it you have a better representation of the query execution plan tree. On the left you can see the original execution plan, as delivered from the database. On the right is the time-line representation of the plan, so you can see which step is executed at which point in time.

Spool Result To File

In the Result Pane you have the option to save the result to file. You can also enter the spool mode, which is useful for large results. In this case the result won't be displayed on the screen, but pushed directly to a file you will choose. The advantage is that the result won't be paged, as on the screen, but completely written to file.