Driver Manager

Manage the JDBC driver and URL patterns.
Driver Manager

JDBC drivers

JDBC drivers are files with the extension .jar provided by the same company who wrote the database software. The JDBC driver is a Java software which implements a given interface ( a common specification ) and allow execution of SQL from any Java software. You may find the JDBC drivers :
  • In DbSchema. We already provide drivers for most of the databases
  • On the database website. They may be packed in a zip file. You have to unzip it and look for one jar file, usually with something like jdbc in its name.
  • In the database software

URL Patterns

The JDBC driver requires information about the server where the database is running, the port and which database to connect to. All this values are combined together in a string called driver URL. This string follows a given pattern, like it starts with jdbc:..., etc.
This is a sample URL for MySql. DbSchema will replace <HOST> <PORT> and <DB> with the values entered in the Connection Dialog.

Removing Drivers

In the Driver Manager dialog you can edit the URL string for each driver and class. Check the database and driver documentation for the right format.

The JDBC driver files are locked by DbSchema application code and therefore they cannot be removed while the application is running. Stop the application than you can drop the driver file from the User Folder/.DbSchema/drivers folder.