How to Connect to Amazon RedShift

Connecting to the database will require to enter the host, port, database user and password as explained in the Connection Dialog.

In the AWS Console, look for the 'Connect Client' tab. There you can get the JDBC connection string.

This string has to be used in the DbSchema 'Use JDBC URL' tab.

Tip Firewalls & anti-viruses may block database connections. Read How to enable Firewall connections.

How to Create A RedShift Cluster

After logging in AWS Console, you may know about:

Key Concepts

Create the Security Group

The security group can be created under EC2 / Network/ Security. Create a new security group and add inbound rule for the Redshift database port. There is no need to create an outbound rule, as this is enabled by default.

Create the Redshift Cluster

Choose Redshift / Quick Launch Cluster / Switch to Advanced Settings

Choose the cluster name, database name, etc.

A single node instance is fine.

In this step choose:

After the cluster is created you can connect from DbSchema using the JDBC connection string from the AWS console.