How to Connect to Amazon RedShift

Read first about the Connection Dialog.

In the AWS Console, go on Redshift Cluster / Configuration. There you can get the JDBC connection string.

Enter Redshift JDBC URL

Copy the JDBC URL in DbSchema 'JDBC URL' tab in the Connection dialog. The authentication credentials has to be provided in the first tab, 'Compose URL'.

Configure Redshift JDBC URL in DbSchema
Tip The Redshift cluster has to be create with PUBLIC access and using a public accessible Security group.

How to Create A RedShift Cluster

After logging in AWS Console, you may know about:

Key Concepts

Create the Security Group

Search first for VPS in ASW console. There look for Security Groups . Create a new security group and add inbound rule for the Redshift database port. There is no need to create an outbound rule, as this is enabled by default.
Create a security group in Redshift

Create the Redshift Cluster

Choose Redshift / Quick Launch Cluster / Switch to Advanced Settings

How to create a Redshift cluster

Customize Network Settings (don't use default) and choose the previous created security group and 'PUBLIC ACCESSIBLE'

Customize Redshift cluster network settings

Copy the JDBC URL in DbSchema connection dialog. Enter credentials in the Connection dialog first tab.

How to connect DbSchema diagram designer to Redshift database