How to Connect to Oracle

Connecting to the database will require to enter the host, port, database user and password as explained in the Connection Dialog.

You can connect to Oracle using the users 'sys', '/ as sysdba' or any database user. The default Oracle port is 1521.

In the Database SID field enter the Oracle SystemId, namely the Oracle instance. Default Oracle SID is ORCL. This identifies the database in case more instances of Oracle are running at one time. You can execute show parameter instance_name in SQLPLUS and see the SID as the last keyword is the list.

Tip Firewalls & anti-viruses may block database connections. Read How to enable Firewall connections.

Guided Oracle Installation

Download Oracle 10g from:

Start the installation process...Select Next...Accept the license agreement...Select the destination folder:

How to install Oracle

Type in your password:

Enter Oracle password


Install Oracle