How to Connect to Informix

Connecting to the database will require to enter the host, port, database user and password as explained in the Connection Dialog. Then try to connect using the default database user Informix. The common used database is sysmaster. Default port is 9088.

Tip Firewalls & anti-viruses may block database connections. Read How to enable Firewall connections.

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How to Connect to Informix

To connnect to an Informix instance you are required to enter the host where the database is running, the port ( default 9088 ), the database user ( default informix ) with the password entered during informmix installation, the server name and database name.
Informix Connection 3

The server name is the value listed in the database server Windows menu ( if is running on a Windows host ).
Informix Connection 1

The database can be created by starting this command prompt and entering the bellow.
Informix Connection 2

Guided Informix Installation

Start the Server Instance Manager
Informix 1

Create new instance
Informix 2
Informix 3

Configure it...
Informix 4
Informix 5
Informix 6

Enter the informix password. This you will need also in DbSchema
Informix 7

Connect from DbSchema to Informix
Informix 8