How to Connect to Azure

The Connection Dialog and the fields available there ( host, port, user, database, SSH ) are explained in the Connection dialog page.

How to Create and Connect to Azure Database

Create an free account on On the dashboard choose to create an SQL Database:

Create Database

Then from the menu you can choose the JDBC connection string:

Connection String

Use the JDBC connection string in the DbSchema Connection Dialog / Use JDBC URL tab. In the connection string replace the '{password}' with the password you have choose when creating the database user.

Connection Dialog

In the 'Target' panel enter the same username and password :

User Name

First time you will try to connect it will ask for a firewall rule. In this message you can see your client IP:

Connect Exception

Then from the top menu create a firewall rule for it.

Setup Firewall

Connection to Azure works as for SqlServer. Additionally in the connection dialog there is a parameter for the Host name in Certificate. Here an example:
For more details about this look this article: Connection Dialog