Master MonetDB with DbSchema: Database Design Simplified

DbSchema is a MonetDB client and manager featuring interactive diagrams for designing the database schema in a team, schema deployment on multiple databases, document the database schema, edit and execute database queries, generate data, reports, data analysis, and more.

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DbSchema Database Designer
Database Schema Design Tool

Design Complex MonetDB Databases

After connecting to the database, DbSchema will reverse engineer the MonetDB database structure in its model and visualize it graphically. You will interact with the schema using layouts (diagrams). The layouts can handle large databases with more than 10.000 tables. The graphical interaction will help to improve the database design.

Design the schema in a Team. Deploy the schema on multiple MonetDB servers.

The DbSchema model refers to the representation of a database schema within the DbSchema application.
DbSchema model is using its copy of schema structure, independent from the MonetDB database.
This is a separation between schema design and the database, with numerous advantages:

  1. Manage Multiple Databases

    Compare and deploy the database schema on multiple MonetDB databases. Incremental changes can be applied.

  2. Model File

    Save the design model including the schema structure to model file, as XML text. The model file can be open from any computer, without MonetDB connectivity.

  3. Design in Team

    The model file can be stored in GIT and shared in a team. Each team member can modify it and commit model changes in GIT. Database administrators can deploy the schema changes on testing or production databases.

  1. Generate Migration Scripts

    Generate migration scripts from one version of the schema to another by comparing two different model files with two versions of the same schema.

  2. Design Offline

    Schema can be designed offline, without database connectivity.

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DbSchema Project File

Design MonetDB Schema Visually. Generate HTML5 Documentation

In DbSchema, layouts refer to the visual arrangements and configurations of various components within the application's workspace. Layouts help users organize their work by defining the positioning and visibility of elements such as database diagrams, SQL editors, query results, and other tool windows. DbSchema offers different predefined layouts, such as Design, Query, and Reports, which can be customized and saved based on individual preferences and project requirements. These layouts allow users to switch between different views and focus on specific tasks or aspects of their database work.

Tables and columns can be edited directly in the layouts. The layouts will be saved as model file. Comments can be added to each table or column and MonetDB interactive HTML5 or PDF documentation can be generated.

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MonetDB Schema Documentation

Relational Data Explorer: Easy Visualize Data

An amazingly simple MonetDB data explorer and editor that offers simultaneous views of data from multiple tables, and features numerous filters, data sorting mechanisms, and much more. The editor can explore data from multiple tables simultaneously using foreign keys or virtual foreign keys between tables. If the schema is missing foreign keys you can create virtual foreign keys that will be part of the DbSchema model.

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Database Data Explorer

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