Filemaker Diagram Designer & Client

DbSchema is an Filemaker designer featuring diagrams, schema design in a team, schema deployment over multiple databases, Filemaker SQL client, data explorer and editor, random data generator and more.

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Filemaker Diagram Designer

Design Complex Filemaker Databases

DbSchema is build for large Filemaker databases. Is also the perfect Filemaker client featuring reverse engineer of the database structure, interactive diagrams and schema documentation. Benefit from Filemaker schema diagrams, relational data browse, query builder, HTML5 and PDF documentation and further features.

Database Schema Design Tool

Design schema in a team. Deploy schema on multiple Filemaker servers.

DbSchema is using its own image of the schema, separate from the database.

  • The Filemaker design can be saved as project file, independent from the database.
  • The Filemaker schema design can be synchronized and deployed on any database.
  • The design project file can be shared in a team using GIT or any versioning system.
  • Comparing two different project files you can generate Filemaker migration scripts between two different versions of the same schema.
  • You can open the project file offline, without connecting to the Filemaker.
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Design Filemaker Schema Visually. Generate Interactive Documentation

You can create interactive diagrams. Tables and columns can be edited directly in the diagram. The layouts will be saved as project file. Comments can be added to each table or column and Filemaker interactive HTML5 or PDF documentation can be generated.

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Filemaker Schema Documentation

Relational Data Browse: Visual Data Explorer

An amazingly simple Filemaker data explorer and editor that offers simultaneous views of data from multiple tables and features numerous filters, data sorting mechanisms, and much more.

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Database Data Explorer

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