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Simplify database design & management. Edit, document and browse complex databases with a friendly GUI tool.

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Better Database Design

Layout Tabs

Interactive Layouts

Simplify database design with layouts. Gain a better understanding of complex databases by focusing on a specific part of the database schema. Learn More

Intuitive Interface

With our intuitive UI, it's very easy to create database design for complex schemas. The interface enables you to execute complex actions simply by drag&drop or double-click. Learn More

Layout Tabs

Visual Data Tools

Relational Data Browse

Visual Query Builder

SQL Editor

Easy explore data from multiple tables simultaneously. Learn More

No need to be an SQL expert! DbSchema will help you write SQL queries. Learn More

Powerful editor with text-autocompletion. Learn More

Relational Data Browse
Visual Query Builder
SQL Editor

Supports All SQL and NoSQL Databases Including:

DbSchema and many more...

Improve Your Workflow

Share the Design Project in a Team

DbSchema works in a unique way by creating its own local copy of the schema saved to a project file. The local project file, makes it possible to:

  • Work on the project file with a team using GIT or any other versioning system
  • Save the design to XML project file and open it with any text editor
  • Deploy one schema on multiple servers
  • Migrate one schema between different versions and generate migration scripts
  • Design the schema online or offline (without database connectivity)
Schema Synchronization

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