DbSchema - Visual Tool for Database Design & Management

Simplify database design & management. Edit, document and browse complex databases with a friendly GUI tool.

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Database Schema Diagram

One Tool for Database Design & Management

All Tools in One Place

Everything in one place

DbSchema integrates everything you need to manage your databases in a single tool. No additional tools required.
Visual Database Tool

Better visual database representation

Gain a better understanding of complex databases by working exclusive on persistent layouts ( diagrams ).
Design Flexibility


DbSchema already integrates most of the drivers so you can easily connect to any Relational, NoSQL or Cloud Database.

Supports All Major SQL and NoSQL Databases Including

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Multiple Views over Your Database

DbSchema allows you to create multiple subviews over your complex database in order for you to gain control.

Browse Multiple Tables Simultaneously

Use Relational Data Browse to explore data from multiple tables visually. Cascade into further tables using normal or virtual foreign keys. There is no limit on how many tables you can explore simultaneously.
Relational Data Browse

Share the Design Project in a Team

DbSchema works in a unique way by creating its own local copy of the schema saved to a project file. The local project file, makes it possible to:

  • Work on the project file with a team using GIT or any other versioning system
  • Save the design to XML project file and open it with any text editor
  • Deploy one schema on multiple servers
  • Migrate one schema between different versions and generate migration scripts
  • Design schema without database connectivity (offline)
Schema Synchronization

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All Databases Included

DbSchema licenses are valid for all supported databases.

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