Visual, easy-to-use, DbSchema design and manage databases in team, generate HTML5 schema documentation, build SQL queries using the mouse, generate random data, explore data from multiple tables, edit and execute database queries.

DbSchema has a Free Community & Pro Edition, available under the same installation kit.

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DbSchema Database Designer

DBSchema has the ability to reverse engineer an existing database schema from the database and generate SQL scripts for creating or modifying the database schema.

Create Interactive HTML5 Schema Documentation

DbSchema can document the tables, columns and foreign keys, and generate HTML5 documentation with the vector image of the schema, where the table and column comments can be read as mouse-over tooltips.

DbSchema includes support for database synchronization and version control, making it a useful tool for teams working on database development projects.

Design the Schema in a Team & Deploy the Schema

DbSchema uses the design model, an internal copy of the schema structure, independent of the database, to design the schema. The design model can be saved to a file and shared with a team using GIT.

  1. 1
    Design Offline
    Design the schema without database connectivity.
  2. 2
    Deploy on Different Databases
    Connect to any other database, compare and deploy the model.
  1. 3
    SQL Diff Scripts
    Connect to any other database, compare the actual model with the database and generate the SQL differences script.
  2. 4
    Migration Scripts
    Compare two different versions of the same model and generate migration scripts between versions.


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The Community (Free) & Pro Editions

DbSchema has a Pro and Community (free) edition. The software kit is the same for both editions. After download, the Pro edition will be activated automatically for two weeks. No registration is required. After two weeks, you can extend the evaluation key, purchase a Pro license, or the Community edition will be activated.

All Databases Included

Use one license to design all SQL, NoSQL, and Cloud databases.
DbSchema Features

All Features Included

DbSchema Pro includes all features: schema documentation and synchronization, the design model, data explorer, visual query builder and more.
Technical Support

Technical Support

All users can benefit from full technical support.
Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Not happy with DbSchema? You can claim your money back for 30 days after your purchase.

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