dSql: Distributed SQL

Free universal command line client for managing multiple databases.

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dSql Console

One SQL client for all tasks

Connect to Multiple Databases

Connect and execute queries on multiple databases simultaneously. Databases can be from different type (PostgreSql, MySql, SqlServer, Redshift, etc. ).

Transfer data

dSql can transfer data between different databases, faster thanks to using multiple threads.

Database Cronjob Scripts

Implement scripts to run periodically in the database and get informed per email when they fail.

Implement custom commands

Write your database custom commands, like 'disk usage', 'replication status', 'traffic overview', etc.

Add Scripting Power

Create complex scripts that combine the power of SQL and a scripting language.

Monitor All Databases

Run commands like 'disk usage' over all databases and see database disk usage or table disk usage.

Easily Deliver Data

Deliver database reports or result files via ftp or email.

Script Error Reporting

Scheduled scripts can send error reports on email, so you can be informed about crashing scripts.

Use Standard .pgpass Files

Database passwords can be stored in PostgreSQL-like .pgpass files.