DbSchema 9.2.2

Grid Editor

The Grid editor is a fast way of editing tables, columns, indexes and foreign keys. The editor is available in the Edit Menu or in any table right-click pop-up menu.

Grid Editor

Here you can faster create columns, set data type and comments.
Selecting multiple rows you can apply the editing to all rows simultaneously.

The Grid editor can show the items as tree or as table. From the header you can sort the items.

Grid Editor

Tag Manager

Beside comments, each table, column, index or foreign key can have tags as pairs of key/values.
Using the tag manager you can pre-define some tags, add a list of values for each tag, and define for which element can be used.
The tags are saved only in the design model and not in the database.

Tag Manager

Logical Design conversion to Physical Design

We have improved the naming and conversion dictionaries. We also added auto-suggestion on name fields in the table and column dialogs, based on the names
from the naming dictionaries.

Naming Dictionary

The workflow is to generate from the logical design the physical design, which can be than synchronized with the database.
A direct synchronization between the logical design and the database is no longer possible.

Improve Options Pane and Field

The option pane is a tab in the Table Dialog. Options fields are available in the Column Dialog.
The option pane is used to define a database-specific collation, storage option, partitioning, temporal tables, etc.
The possible options can be completely different from database to database.

Option Pane

In the option dialog you can select an option on the right, then add it to the exiting options on the left.
The possible values for the options are configurable in the Model / Settings / Database Specific / SQL Language / Table/Column/Index/Foreign Key options.

Other Features

  • Improve data generator repository. The data generator has an option to generate data to SQL File.
  • Renaming a column in the offline mode and logical design will rename also the columns bind by foreign keys.
  • Sqlite improvements in creating foreign keys
  • MySql generated columns disable mandatory field

Bug Fixes

  • Create or edit indexes exception
  • Editing tags activate the save button
  • MySql text default length 65535
  • Editing pattern in Data Generator
  • Data Explorer, hidden columns showing again on cascaded tables
  • SqlAnywhere and SAPHana fixes in reverse engineer