DbSchema 9.2.1

Improve Logical Design

The relations can make use of different settings: Identifying / Mandatory and Cardinality.
Except the Many-to-Many relations, all other settings will be implemented in the logical design directly after closing the dialog.

Logical Design

Show Database Objects in the Project Structure

DbSchema includes now code to explore other objects from the database, like collation, partitions, file groups, tablespaces, etc.
They are shown in the Project Structure, in a folder with a ‘magnifier’ icon.
They are not saved in the design model.

Database Objects

Improve HTML5 Documentation

The documentation got a better look.

HTML5 Documentation

‘SQL’ Button to Table Dialog

This option can be used to view the CREATE TABLE statement.
The option is available also for columns, indexes, etc.

HTML5 Documentation

Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Feature: Improve Data Loader
  • Feature: MongoDB support for SSL connections
  • Feature: CSV Editor memory optimizations
  • Feature: Triple-click in SQL Editor select line
  • Feature: Show triggers under the table structure
  • Feature: Increase text sharpness in diagram
  • Feature: Improve GUI font and contrast
  • Bug: Data Loader date format issue
  • Bug: SqlServer reverse engineer foreign keys between different schemes