DbSchema 9.2.0

SqlServer improve reverse engineer speed.

In the previous versions we used two procedures to reverse engineer the schema.
One of the procedures was called for each table.
Now we use a PSQL Block ( begin…end ) which can be called only one time per schema.

SqlServer Reverse Engineer

New Video Tutorials Dialog

The video tutorials are explaining more in details the DbSchema features.

Video Tutorials

MongoDb Tree Arrangement & Virtual Setting

We arrange collections in a tree manner.
Collections can be marked as ‘virtual’. Virtual collections won’t get any validation rule implemented in the database.

MongoDb Tree Arrangement

Improvements in the Table and Column Options Field

The ‘options’ field can be used to select database-specific settings.
For GENERATED AS IDENTITY one of the BY DEFAULT or ALWAYS settings are selected by default.

Options Field

Dark Theme

Improve Dark theme.

Dark Theme

Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Feature: Remove group gradients
  • Feature: HTML5 documentation - add tags to text comments
  • Feature: Improve HTML5 documentation look
  • Feature: Upgrade Google Cloud Spanner JDBC Driver
  • Feature: Configurable time for deducing view columns in Model / Settings / Reverse engineer.
  • Feature: PostgreSQL, Oracle load number of rows per table
  • Feature: Improve the Reports Designer
  • Feature: Improve Dark theme
  • Bug: Adding multiple tags to tables or columns
  • Bug: Snowflake does not reverse engineer view definition
  • Bug: HTML5 Documentation when the schema, table, or column name includes <, >
  • Bug: SqlServer computed columns skip the NULL keyword
  • Bug: Driver Management dialog not showing classes without URLs