DbSchema 9.1.1

Result Pane

Add icon in Result Pane cell to show large text cells in PopOver

Enlarge text in Result Pane


MongoDB collection flag for virtual (no validation rule) and also symbol in the diagram.
Setting it will skip implementing validation rules.

MongoDB skip implementing validation rules

Import Model from External Formats

Add Dialog to import model from CSV file. See Model / Load from External Format.

Load Schema from External Format

Dark Theme

Improve Dark theme.

Dark Theme

Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Feature: Project Structure expand by default only the first schema
  • Feature: Refactor SQL and JSON indentation (Ctrl-I in SQL Editor)
  • Feature: Add search field in Automation Scripts Dialog
  • Feature: Add data type auto-match patterns to the Model / Settings / Database Specific / Data Types. Used to match newly created column names and auto-select the data type.
  • Feature: Auto-disable diagram shadow when the rendering is slow.
  • Feature: Change tab traversal policy in the Column Dialog.
  • Bug: In MongoDB Query Builder