DbSchema 9.1.0

Welcome Screen and Quick Tour

The welcome screen and the quick tour tips has changed.

DbSchema Welcome Screen

Query Builder

Thanks to JavaFX configurable CSS look, we were able to improve our look and feel.

MongoDB Query Builder

Improvements for JSON documents. Query Builder use joined routing and show data type
Also improvements for MongoDB and better handling of large documents.

Diagram performance improvements.

Diagram routing and drawing works faster.

Logical and Physical Design

We introduced the data type and naming dictionaries.

Naming Dictionary

Data Type Conversion Dictionary

GIT Dialog

The GIT dialog has improved. It has options to compare the model from two revisions, or generate the change audit log from multiple revisions.

GIT Dialog

Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Feature: Thread improvements for diagram routing

  • Feature: Upgrade SSH and internal libraries

  • Feature: SQL Syntax fixes for GoogleCloudSpanner

  • Feature: Edit / Show Schema name will show it also in the Foreign key tooltips and documentation

  • Bug: Editing existing connection the URL is not loaded