DbSchema 9.0.3

New Look and Feel

Thanks to JavaFX configurable CSS look, we were able to improve our look and feel.

Improve Look and Feel

Improve Logical Design

The logical design contains a number of improvements, including dictionaries for converting the data types and the entity and field names.
We continue to work on the logical design.

Logical Design

Further improvements

  • Feature: Improve Redis JDBC driver
  • Feature: Use LIMIT and OFFSET in Relational Data Explorer
  • Feature: Support for ClockHouse Database
  • Feature: Implement database version-specific settings. Like special settings for MySql 5.7, applied on top of version 8.0
  • Feature: Add setting for browse records per page, distinct from the SQL Editor
  • Feature: New drivers for AWS Azure PostgreSQL
  • Feature: Improve Report & Application designer
  • Feature: Improve settings dialog: use 3 tabs only, with search bar
  • Feature: Support for SqlServer external tables.
  • Feature: Improvements in SQL Editor result pane, with options to copy selection as CSV, JSON, MD.
  • Feature: Virtual Primary Key for Google Big Query
  • Bug: MongoDB errors with generate schema validation script
  • Bug: Postgres serial data type synchronization differences
  • Bug: Postgres include IN-OUT for function and procedure parameters in the DROP statement
  • Bug: Export large diagram to PNG, GIF or JPEG
  • Bug: Fix threading issue in Model loader from file task
  • Bug: Relational data editor - refresh not working in floating tabs
  • Bug: Reload connection in SQL editor by timeout
  • Bug: Reverse engineer foreign keys using tables from different schemes
  • Bug: Relational Data Browse and Data Generator query fetch size
  • Bug: Aurora MySql default current_timestamp not to use brackets
  • Bug: MySql reverse engineer using DDL when schema name uses dashes
  • Bug: Improve SqlServer reverse engineer using DDL
  • Code review: Rename package com.wisecoders.dbs.rdbms to com.wisecoders.dbs.dbms
  • Improvement: Merge classes RdbmsSettings, RdbmsSyntax and Rdbms into Dbms. Update the JavaDoc.
  • Improvement: Remove ${identifier} from SQL Syntax settings.
  • Improvement: Relational Data Browse threading
  • Improvement: MongoDB JDBC driver
  • Improvement: Cassandra JDBC driver support dataCenter (dc=…)