Release DbSchema 8.5.0

DbSchema 8.5.0

CSV Editor for Large Files

DbSchema include now a CSV Editor for large files. The editor can open files up to 500 million of records, depending on the record size.

Free Large File CSV Editor

Report and Application Designer

The DbSchema Reports was renamed to Analytic Applications. The designer was improved.
Now it is more easy to create charts.

Analytic Applications

New Look

We improved our default theme.

New Theme

Other improvements

  • Feature: Snowflake connection using private key
  • Feature: Implement functions, procedures and trigger comments into the database
  • Feature: Right-click copy to clipboard message dialogs
  • Feature: Oracle use GENERATED AS IDENTITY
  • Feature: Groovy scripts rename com.wisecoders.dbs.diagram.model.Location to com.wisecoders.dbs.diagram.model.Point
  • Bug: MongoDb rename collections and objects
  • Bug: MongoDb use ‘int’ instead of ‘integer’ data type
  • Bug: Query Builder exclude table won’t remove it from the generated SQL
  • Bug: HTML5 documentation fix special character
  • Bug: Fix unreadable red error message in result pane
  • Bug: Improve connectivity layer, for better code and correctly closing the SQL dead statements
  • Bug: Fixes in SQL Parser
  • Bug: Snowflake support varchar() without length
  • Bug: Vertica reverse engineer table and column comments