Release DbSchema 8.4.4

Feature: Improve connection dialog

The database selection is done in a separate dialog

Connection Dialog

In the next dialog we also have a separate combobox for the JDBC Driver and the JDBC URL template.
From the JDBC template combo you can choose also to edit the JDBC URL.
In the next release we will continue to improve the connection dialog.

Connection Dialog

Feature: Support for Databricks

Databricks is now officially supported in DbSchema.

Feature: Add setting ‘Commit after SELECT’ in Model / Settings / Transaction. Postgres uses AutoCommit off, and this enabled.

We do ‘SET AUTOCOMMIT OFF’ in DbSchema, in order to let users explicit commit the transactions.
If you do, for example, an update and the number of modified rows is higher than expected, you can rollback the transaction.
For Postgres and MySql this may create issues, as SELECT statements are also opening a transaction, which will lock the table.
Therefore, we introduced the ‘Commit after SELECT’ which automatically commits the transaction after an SELECT statement.


Feature: Execute Reports as stand-alone Webserver

Database reports are saved as stand-alone running files .dbsr. They can be started using DbSchema -r

Feature: Improve HTML5 documentation look

We also have upgraded the bootstrap libraries, used in the documentation and Reports


Further Improvements

  • Feature: Renew the Windows Code Sign certificate. This caused a decrease of reputation in Windows Defender. Is a matter of time to get the reputation back.
  • Bug Fix: Refresh Schema from DB would reverse engineer all tables even if only few were selected
  • Bug Fix: Improve the database reports

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