Release DbSchema 8.4.2

New SQL Parser

DbSchema can deduce the schema structure and diagrams by parsing SQL scripts from the file.

SQL scripts parser

Then you can use DbSchema to document the model, edit it, create new layouts, or deploy it on different databases.

Sample Layout

DbSchema 8.4.2 has a new SQL Parser, which is much more flexible. It can parse all database scripts, including Snowflake, SqlServer, Postgres, MySql, Oracle, with partition indexes, sorting, and clustering specifications.

Please write us if you find any statement which is not correctly parsed.

Markdown Database Documentation

DbSchema can export now documentation in Markdown format.

Markdown Database Documentation

Reports Designer

We redesigned the reports designer.

Reports Designer

You have to press the Design button to edit the report. Then you can click any cell to edit or create a component.

Reports Designer

We got less feedback about the reports designer, please write us about your experience with it! Together we can make it a very powerful tool.

Other Features

  • Feature: Prepare code for implementing Logical Design using DbSchema
  • Feature: Sqlite supports renaming columns
  • Feature: Hive - fix add & drop column, cluster, partition and skew keys
  • Bug: MySql & MariaDB datetime and timestamp precision
  • Bug: Reverse engineer Postgres functional columns.
  • Bug: Export data on large tables for more than 10k rows.
  • Bug: Postgres drop column cascade
  • Bug: Fix Elasticsearch JDBC URL

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