Release DbSchema 8.3.5

  • Feature Sample project will be downloaded from the website
  • Feature Support multiple SSH Tunnels
  • Feature Sqlite explain plan
  • Feature Upgrade Redshift JDBC driver
  • Feature Improve Quick Tour
  • Feature Integrate Elasticsearch
  • Feature PostgreSQL support partitions
  • Feature Snowflake reverse engineer unique constraints
  • Feature Better SQL parsing thanks to new JSqlParser libraries
  • Bug Better rendering on Windows monitors with scaling enabled ( by notebooks is 125% default )
  • Bug Improvements for Windows with scaling 125%
  • Bug Download JDBC drivers from web directly when showing the connection dialog.
  • Bug Sqlite reverse engineer foreign keys
  • Bug Dropping column won’t drop foreign keys using this column
  • Bug Issue with Groovy libraries after upgrading DbSchema
  • Bug Sqlite reverse engineer issue
  • Bug Change column name letter case

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