Release DbSchema 8.3.3

Launch DbSchema Community Version

We created two DbSchema Editions: Community and Pro.
There is a single download package, which will start the Free edition after download.
From the menu you can choose to evaluate the Pro Edition.

DbSchema Free

Improve the Relational Data Editor

Better editing functionalities, improve menu, table header more compact.

Relational Data Editor

Integrate ThoughtSpot Database

This is a new database that we added to our list.

ThoughtSpot Designer

Trebuchet MS Diagram Font

Now we use Trebuchet MS font for diagrams.

Diagram Font

HTML5 Documentation

Add option to generate documentation images in separate SVG files.

HTML5 Database Documentation

Upgrade OpenJDK and OpenJFX Libraries

Upgrade to OpenJDK 15 and OpenJFX 15.0.1

Sqlite autoincrement

Sqlite reverse engineer column autoincrement

Connection Properties. Support Oracle Kerberos Authentication

We added a field to the Connection Dialog for setting connection properties.
This is used for example by Oracle Kerberos Authentication.

Connection Properties

Redesign Forms and Reports

The Forms and Reports designer will work directly over the generated form or report.
We are working to add charts to the designer.
In the next versions we will create a powerful BI tools out of it.

Forms and Reports

Bug Fixes

  • Generating PDF with TOC fix error
  • SSH Tunnel conflict with local running database.
  • Relational Data Editor when foreign key is over multiple columns.
  • Data loader on large files may wrong evaluate the MANDATORY (not null) for new tables. Therefore we create all columns as nullable.
  • SQL Editor issues with Japanese text
  • Column dialog default value automatic add comma bug

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