Release DbSchema 8.3.1

DbSchema ‘Model’

Rename ‘DbSchema Project’ to DbSchema Model. Use this all over the menus and website.

DbSchema Model

Editable JDBC URL

Connection dialog, the JDBC URL is editable directly in the first tab.

Connection Dialog

Documentation Improvements

HTML5 and PDF documentation omit description column if empty. Also improve documentation TOC.

Documentation Annotations

Data Importer & Loader

Data Importer use serialization for XLSX files - avoid memory issues for large input files.
Use batches for Data Importer and Data Generator for faster data insert.

Synchronization Dialog

Improve Schema Synchronization dialog.

Documentation Annotations

Editable Schema Catalog

Schema catalog is editable in the Schema dialog

Unique Keys / Indexes

In Index Dialog added checkbox to implement unique indexes via constraint (ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT) or index (CREATE UNIQUE INDEX). This should solve also some issues when dropping unique indexes.

MongoDb Data Generator

MongoDB Data Generator and Data importer use batches. New MongoDb driver deployed.

Improve diagram font size

Make SQL text readable by increasing SQL Editor font size.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with Unique index and Unique Keys. Synchronization skips the differences between this two.
  • Issue with SqlServer reverse engineer Foreign Keys.
  • Oracle correct reverse engineer VARCHAR2(length CHAR).
  • Postgres create view having ‘with(exp)’ failing.
  • Synchronization dialog ‘Generate Script Button’ does not work by second click.
  • Open large project files with many browse and query editors is opening all of the editors.
  • Fix error dialog position. Sometimes they show on the very left side of the screen.
  • Reverse engineer Postgres User-Defined Type as enum. The values were not quoted.
  • Relational Data Editor edit enumeration columns.

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