DbSchema PostgreSQL Database Designer & GUI Client

Design, document, deploy and manage PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL Designer

PostgreSQL Diagram Designer Using DbSchema you will interact with PostgreSQL using interactive diagrams. New tables, columns and indexes can be created directly in the diagram. The diagrams can be exported as HTML vector images.

The diagrams will be saved to project file as XML. The project file will hold an database-independent image of the schema together with the layouts (diagrams) and user comments.

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Schema Deployment and Migration

DbSchema is using its own image of the schema, separate from the database. This can be saved as project file.
The local image of the schema can be compared with any database, migration scripts can be generated.
The local image of the schema can be compared also with other project files, which may hold other versions of the schema. In this way migration scripts between different versions of the schema can be generated.

Relational Data Browse

Simultaneously explore data from multiple tables bind via foreign keys. Selecting a record in one table will update the children tables with the matching records. There is no limit for the number of tables to cascade. If the schema is missing foreign keys, you can create virtual foreign keys in DbSchema and use them in relational data browse.

Relational Data Browse
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Visual Query Builder and Query Editor

PostgreSQL visual query builder and query editor

The visual query builder can use Group By, Order by clauses, different joins like left join, exists. The joins are using foreign keys or virtual foreign keys.

The Query editor features text-autocompletion, script execution and graphical explain plan.

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Database Forms and Reports

PostgreSQL Forms and Reports DbSchema PostgreSQL forms and reports can be used to build applications or reports and run which can run as Web applications. The reports may use multiple master-detail sections and responsive bootstrap web pages. Forms can include different input fields, radio buttons, images and charts.

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Sample HTML5 Documentation

This is a sample documentation diagram as HTML5 vector image, generated using DbSchema.
Table and column comments are showing as mouse-over tooltips. Similar documentation can be generated in PDF format.

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