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  • I have used and purchased various database utilities that are capable of connecting to any jdbc compliant database and I must say that DbSchema is a fantastic application. I am extremely impressed with its capabilities and its performance; it’s truly a gem that I’m thankful to have discovered. I wish to offer my most sincere thanks to everyone that’s involved in supporting it.

    Ken Sturgeon
  • First, can I please say thank you for this awesome software. I made a purchase today, after a brief evaluation. For me, it has already paid for itself during my days work. The project team I am reporting to really like the HTML5 documentation I can send them. I'm looking forward to learning the tool inside and out. Thank you again for this brilliant software. I am recommending it to all my colleagues.

    Ben Burke, Sydney, Australia.
  • I've had some time to play with and get acquainted with DbSchema. I am impressed. It never crashed once, it's very intuitive, and the compare/sync wizard is all I expected. I especially like the relationship option to map to its target columns - you'd be surprised at the tools which don't offer this. I could list numerous positive comments on things I liked - the engineering is quite good and it shows.

    Bert Scalzo
  • Many compliments! It is one of the best software I've ever seen

    Gianluca Fioletti
  • Thanks for your good and unique software. Wish you luck.

    Reza S.R
  • We love the Query Builder, DbSchema it is a fantastic tool.

    Matthew Lester, 3dviz Austria
  • We run a small research team at the University of Dundee and we do software support and development for scientic labs. We think your tool is the best for our needs.

    Vackar Afzal
  • I bought it today and its working nicely on both machines, very pleased. I tried many database design tools in the last two weeks and yours is by far the best to learn and work with, in my opinion.

    Mark Mitchell
  • Great, it works like a charm.

    Muhanned Maayeh, Globitel
  • I've purchased your software and so far I like it a lot. I have used the free version to reverse engineer a large production DB in MS SQL Server 2005. The database is divided into numerous schemas and DbSchema successfully identifies this.

    Bill Huang, FAIRPAY Solutions, Inc.
  • DbSchema made our life easier!

    Tim Kornau, Google Switzerland
  • Thank you for DBSchema improvements based on my feedback. You are truly customer oriented!

    Dennis Beloff, Boutique Russia
  • I really like this program. I have been using it for a couple of months now and it has really come in handy. Thanks!

    John Whitten
  • Great software! Thank you for the very fast feedback.

    Daniel Wimpff
  • Thanks very much for your help - the software's visual approach seems very helpful!

    Lee Noel
  • BTW nice tool. I love it.

    Jie Liang
  • It works perfect! Thank you very much and have a nice day!

    Ariovaldo Chrysostomo, Database Developer Ricoh Europe
  • Excellent Tool. Thank you very much

    Jim Kardys, Direct Services
  • Dbschema works well. Thanks you

  • You can't compared DbSchema to other tools especially at this price point .

    Scott Gross, Datameaning
  • I've just bought a copy of your most awesome software.

    Stephen Rudd, Mnemosyne
  • I'll get my order in as soon as possible. Thanks DbSchema!

  • DbSchema it is suitable for our needs. Thanks

    Fernando Pina Caballero
  • Thanks for your support, I'll order it today.

    Childers, Dwayne E, Cobleskill
  • Thank you for your prompt reply and software.

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