Relational Data Browse

Relational Data Browse is a DbSchema embedded tool for exploring and editing data from multiple tables.
What the SQL can do with complicated queries you can do just using the mouse !

Start with a table you may cascade into further tables following the foreign keys between tables. If you don't have foreign keys you may create virtual foreign keys in the layout. They will be saved together with the browse editor in the project file. Selecting a different record in the first table will refresh the children tables with the matching records.

Relational Data Browse

Explore Tables with a Click

Start browsing data from one table. Visit further tables by clicking the arrow icon near the table name.

Shown Matching Records

Children tables show only matching records to the parent table via foreign key. In layout you may create virtual foreign keys.

Edit or Insert Records

Double-click any table cell in Relational Data Browse to start editing data. On the bottom side of any table you have options to insert or delete a record.

Virtual Foreign Keys

If your schema misses foreign keys create virtual foreign keys in the layout. They won't be created in the database and will be saved in the project file.

View Images, MS Word

Right-click a BLOB or CLOB column in a table and choose to open the content using an external application ( like MS Word ) or view it as image.

Printing Capability

Any Data Browse Editor can be printed.