DbSchema - Design, Document and Manage SQL and NoSQL Databases
For PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redshift, SqlServer, MySql, MariaDb, MongoDb, Azure, Oracle, Db2, Informix, Sqlite and many more.
DBSchema Database Designer
Design and document databases directly in diagrams. Generate HTML5 or PDF interactive documentation.
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DbSchema manage its own local image of the schema, independent from the database. This is saved as project file. Benefits:
H Deploy Schema on Multiple Databases
The local image of the schema can be compared and deployed on any other database.
H Generate Migration Scripts
Compare local schema with any database or other project file and generate SQL migration scripts.
D Design Offline
Design the schema without database connectivity and later deploy the schema on different databases.

Productivity Tools
Relational Data Browse
Relational Data Browse
Simultaneously explore data from multiple tables, based on foreign keys and virtual foreign keys.
Random Data Generator
Generate random data using configurable reverse regular-expressions or configurable patterns.
Visual Query Builder
Create SQL queries using the mouse.
Forms and Reports
Build web reports with multiple master-detail sections or forms with text fields, buttons and charts.
Dark Theme
DbSchema Dark Theme
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