MongoDb Visual Designer & Client

Do you know that schema-less databases like MongoDb can get a virtual schema and a diagram representation for it ? And even more, interesting features like virtual foreign keys or relational data browse are waiting for you.

Our presumption: distinct type of data belongs to distinct collections. A visual representation of the collections will help understanding the database structure.

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JSON as Diagrams

DbSchema can deduce a virtual schema by connecting to MongoDb and looking in sample collection records. This will help you to:

  • Visualize MongoDb using diagrams
  • Document the schema and generate HTML5 interactive documentation
  • Keep track of the schema changes
  • Open the schema design without database connectivity (offline)

Layouts & Documentation

Large databases can be split in multiple layouts (group of collections), each with its own diagram, query and data tools.

The database structure can be documented and HTML5 documentation can be generated. The documentation is interactive: table and column comments can be read as mouse-over tooltips.

Just try it on the left image.

The diagram on the left was generated executing a query like:

        "properties": {
                "name": {...}})

Relational Data Browse

Explore data from multiple tables visually. Cascade into further tables using normal or virtual foreign keys. There is no limit on how many tables you can explore simultaneously.
Relational Data Browse
MongoDb Visual Query Builder

Visual Query Builder

DbSchema features a visual query builder for MongoDb which can generate and execute queries in MongoDb native format. Also a text Query Editor is available.

10.000+ Tables per Database ?

DbSchema can handle it !

DbSchema is build for large and complex databases.
Our approach will help you split, understand and document complex schemes.

More Features

Random Data Generator

Testers or developers you may need to generate random data. Do this with reverse regular expressions and configurable patterns.

Schema Diff

Schema structure can be compared between different databases or project files and differences can be visualized..

Share Schema Design in a Team

Schema definition can be saved as project file in XML format. The project file can be shared in a team using GIT.

Visual Query Builder

Write queries featuring different JOINS, GROUP BY, filters... using the mouse. No SQL knowledge required !

Query Editor

Take advantage of the powerful query editor which can execute native MongoDb queries.

Data Loader

Load data from CSV, XML, etc. into the database.

Forms and Reports

Build simple reports or applications for web, with text inputs, buttons and charts.

Diagrams for MongoDB

MongoDb has no schema but we deduce one by analyzing the data from the database. Schema will be presented in diagrams.

Management Application

Small applications for space and user management.

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DbSchema licenses are valid for all supported databases.

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1 Year Renewal

Purchase DbSchema and you will get 1 year free updates to new developed features and fixes.

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Full Compatibility

With DbSchema, there are no restrictions on what SQL or NoSQL databases you can connect to. Check out our full list of available databases!

If the database you want to use is not on our list, you can still upload your JDBC driver and get connected.

DbSchema is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Full Compatibility