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Simplify database design & management. Edit, document and browse complex databases with a friendly GUI tool.

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DbSchema Diagram Designer

Supports All SQL & NoSQL Databases

Visual Database Design Without Boundaries

Interact with the Diagram

Designing your database has never been more simple! Edit tables & create foreign keys right in the diagram by click or drag & drop. Visualize table data in just a few seconds by clicking on the table header. Learn More

Visual Database Design

Explore Visual Documentation

Export your diagram design as an HTML5 or PDF documentation. The documentation can be interactive and will contain comments or callouts.

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Powerful Data Tools

Relational Data Browse

Visual Query Builder

SQL Editor

Use it to view & edit data from multiple collections at the same time. Learn More

No need to be an SQL expert! DbSchema will help you write SQL queries. Learn More

Powerful editor with text-autocompletion. Learn More

Relational Data Browse
Visual Query Builder
SQL Editor

Why Work With Project Files?

Project File Schema

DbSchema saves a local copy of the schema to a local project file. The project file can then be opened and modified without database connectivity (offline).

Other Benefits of the Project File

  • Save the project file as XML and open it with any text editor;
  • Use GIT or any other versioning system to work on the project file with your team;
  • Deploy one schema on multiple servers;
  • Migrate one schema between different versions of the project file and generate migration scripts;

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