Forms and Reports

Using the forms designer you may build small applications or reports running as Web applications or native Swing. The forms are flexible, they may use dialogs, charts, text fields, combo boxes, etc. Build applications can be deployed on any Tomcat server. Forms may include scripting logic written in JavaScript or Groovy. The generated HTML uses responsive Bootstrap - for correct rendering on mobile devices.

Learn the DbSchema Forms and Reports by reading the PDF Tutorial.

Forms and Reports

Execute in Web or as Swing application

The forms and reports can be executed in Web, using the embedded Jetty Web server.

JavaScript or Groovy

Forms designer support JavaScript and Groovy. You can choose any language you like.

Flexible Web templates

The Web engine uses configurable templates, which allow changing the page look, used JS libraries and component behaviour.

Build a report just in few clicks

The forms and reports wizard will help building a form or report just in few clicks. The wizard will make use of the visual query builder.

Deploy as Tomcat Web application

The forms can be exported as WAR Web application and executed on any Java server ( Tomcat, etc. ).

Unlimited deep master-detail reports

Reports may use multiple master-detail sections. The number of detail sections or detail-detail is unlimited.

Don't care about component size

Components are sized automatically by the application - you don't need to size them. DbSchema uses the bootstap 12 columns grids, which makes organization of data more easy.

Fresh released

DbSchema forms is one of recent released designers among similar tools. Benefit from the most intuitive and easy to use designer.

Debug utilities

During deployment you can debug the data passed between forms. Forms can run in 'debug mode' for this.