Interface FxToolEditor

    • Method Detail

      • closeConnections

        void closeConnections()
      • editorActivated

        void editorActivated()
      • getEditorName

        java.lang.String getEditorName()
      • editorClosing

        void editorClosing()
      • canCloseEditor

        boolean canCloseEditor()
        Confirm the close of editor
        true if the editor can be closed
      • saveDataAndLayout

        boolean saveDataAndLayout()
        Saves the unit data and layout to project
        true if success
      • getGlyph

        com.wisecoders.dbs.sys.fx.glyph.Glyph getGlyph()
      • getSymbolicIcon

        java.lang.String getSymbolicIcon()
      • processTick

        void processTick​(int tickId)
      • canCloneEditor

        boolean canCloneEditor()
      • cloneEditor

        void cloneEditor()
      • setEditorVisibleInParentTabPane

        void setEditorVisibleInParentTabPane​(boolean visible)