Class Diagram<T extends Entity>

    • Field Detail

      • headerY

        public static int headerY
      • depicts

        public final java.util.List<Depict<T extends Entity>> depicts
        The groupFree keeps also the ordering on the screen.
      • groups

        public final java.util.List<Group<T extends Entity>> groups
      • callouts

        public final java.util.List<Callout> callouts
      • noSql

        public final boolean noSql
      • canUndo

        public final canUndo
      • canRedo

        public final canRedo
    • Constructor Detail

      • Diagram

        public Diagram​(boolean noSql)
    • Method Detail

      • bringToFront

        public void bringToFront​(Depict<T> depict)
      • bringToFront

        public void bringToFront​(Callout callout)
      • getEntity

        public Entity getEntity​(java.lang.String name)
      • createGroup

        public Group<T> createGroup​(java.lang.String name)
      • isJoinedRouting

        public boolean isJoinedRouting()
      • setJoinedRouting

        public void setJoinedRouting​(boolean joinedRouting)
      • getMarker

        public int getMarker​(Attribute attr)
      • hasMarker

        public boolean hasMarker​(Attribute attr,
                                 int marker)
      • setMarker

        public void setMarker​(Attribute attr,
                              java.lang.Integer marker)
      • refresh

        public void refresh()
      • refresh

        public void refresh​(boolean forAutoGrouping)
      • createCallout

        public Callout createCallout​(java.lang.String text,
                                     Location position)
      • createCallout

        public Callout createCallout​(Unit owner,
                                     Location position)
        Create a callout for this unit. The unit or its entity has to be already in layout. Otherwise returns null.
        owner - to create for
        position - where to place
        created hint or null if the unit does not belong to layout
      • getCalloutFor

        public Callout getCalloutFor​(Unit owner)
      • isShowPageBorders

        public boolean isShowPageBorders()
      • setShowPageBorders

        public void setShowPageBorders​(boolean showPageBorders)
      • isShowSchemaName

        public boolean isShowSchemaName()
      • setShowSchemaName

        public void setShowSchemaName​(boolean showSchemaName)
      • isShowDataType

        public boolean isShowDataType()
      • setShowDataType

        public void setShowDataType​(boolean showDataType)
      • setLineText

        public void setLineText​(LineText lineText)
      • setDefaultLineText

        public void setDefaultLineText​(LineText lineText)
      • getDefaultLineText

        public static LineText getDefaultLineText()
      • getLineText

        public LineText getLineText()
      • containsDepictFor

        public boolean containsDepictFor​(Unit entity)
      • getDepictFor

        public Depict<T> getDepictFor​(Unit entity)
      • attach

        public final Depict<T> attach​(T t,
                                      int x,
                                      int y)
      • detachUndoable

        public final Depict<T> detachUndoable​(Depict<T> depict)
      • detach

        public final boolean detach​(Depict<T> depict)
      • attachRecursive

        public void attachRecursive​(T entity,
                                    Location where,
                                    boolean includeEmptyEntities)
      • getMostReferredDepict

        public Depict getMostReferredDepict()
      • getWidth

        public int getWidth()
      • getHeight

        public int getHeight()
      • getMaxCalloutHeight

        public int getMaxCalloutHeight()
      • hideFunctionalColumns

        public void hideFunctionalColumns()
      • hideColumnsOnLargeDepicts

        public void hideColumnsOnLargeDepicts()
      • hideAllColumns

        public void hideAllColumns()
      • showAllColumns

        public void showAllColumns()
      • autoArrange

        public void autoArrange​(ArrangerMode mode)
      • hideRelation

        public void hideRelation​(Relation rel)
      • showAllForeignKeys

        public void showAllForeignKeys()
      • showAllEntityForeignKeys

        public void showAllEntityForeignKeys​(Entity entity)
      • setHideRelations

        public void setHideRelations​(java.lang.String hideRelationNames)
      • getHiddenRelationNames

        public java.lang.String getHiddenRelationNames()
      • colorGroups

        public void colorGroups​(boolean overrideTableColor)
      • findRelationsWithEntity

        public static java.util.List<Relation> findRelationsWithEntity​(Entity fromEntity,
                                                                       Entity toEntity)
      • getFreePlacePoint

        public Location getFreePlacePoint()
      • undo

        public void undo()
      • redo

        public void redo()