Data Loader

Data Importer is an utility inside DbSchema for uploading data into the database. It can upload :

  • Delimited text files
  • XML files
  • Excel ( xls and xlsx )

Data Importer can be started from the application menu or from the right click menu pop-up on any table. In the first dialog you may select the input file and the target table.

In the second dialog you can match the file columns with the database columns ( if the table already exists ) or edit the column definition if the column is new.

The other settings are for:
  • If the first line is header. If yes, the first line data won't be imported and used for setting the initial column names.
  • The separator character - is the character separating data values inside one record. This is usually comma ',', tab \t, ; or |. We try to automatically detect this character, but is not sure that we match the right one.
  • Quote char - some values may be quoted in order to make possible including separator characters in a value field. For example if you use comma as separator, "Andre,Mike" is a single data filed.
  • Escape character - quote character can be used as well inside the data field, but it has to be escaped. "Andre,\"Mike" is a valid construct, the " inside is escaped.
  • Date format and locale - if your input data contains date, time or timestamp fields, this is a pattern how the data looks like. Put the mouse over the tip label before this field to get some samples. Also look on google for 'SimpleDateFormat tutorial' to get into details. The combo box is editable, you can enter your custom pattern.
If you import data into a new table, the column editing won't be applied in the database. The table will be created first when you start loading the data.

If you choose to import data into an existing table, changing the column definition will change also the column in the database ( if your project is online ).

After starting the load operation, the load errors and the line numbers will show in the Error pane.