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Create better database designs for your project. Visually browse database schema. Easily create ER Diagrams.

Better Database Design


Intuitive Interface

Layout Tabs
Layout Tabs

Simplify database design with layouts. Gain a better understanding of complex databases by focusing on a specific part of the database schema. Learn More

With our intuitive UI, it's very easy to create database design for complex schemas. The interface enables you to execute complex actions simply by drag&drop or double-click. Learn More

Easily Manage Large Databases with DbSchema

Relational Data Browse

Visual Query Builder

SQL Editor


DbSchema integrates this feature so you can easily edit & browse data from multiple tables at the same time. Learn More

Visual Query Builder is a DbSchema feature that enables you to create & execute complex queries visually. Learn More

DbSchema integrates a powerful SQL Editor with autocompletion. Learn More

Complete Tool for Database Design & Management

DbSchema offers multiple features and tools so you can easily manage your database

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Compatible with all databases

DbSchema comes integrated with most relational databases. You can also add your database by providing a JDBC driver..

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