Database Diagrams

Using DbSchema you can create multiple layouts (diagrams), one for each module of the schema. One table may show in multiple layouts. The layouts will be saved to project file and reopen next time you start DbSchema. Edit tables, columns and foreign keys directly in the layout, by simply double-cliking them. Schema design can be opened even without a connection to the database (offline mode, see the connection combo in DbSchema menu) and all changes will be saved to project file. Later you may connect to different databases and synchronize them, generate migration scripts, etc.

ER Diagram

Or click here for a HTML5 documentation preview.

Edit Tables in Diagram

Double-click tables, columns or foreign keys to edit. Tables can be added to any layout by drag and drop. Create foreign keys by drag and drop of the referring column over the primary key column.

Virtual Foreign Keys

Virtual Foreign Keys are created only in DbSchema and saved to project file. Using them you can better describe the schema. They are used in Relational Data Browse for exploring data from multiple tables, in Query Builder for joins and for getting a better understanding of the schema.

Fast Preview Data

Click a table header with CTRL+SHIFT down to preview the database data. Get a better view by choosing 'Relational Data Browse Editor', with simultaneous view of data from multiple tables.

Multiple Layouts

For a better understanding of the schema you can create multiple layouts, each focused on a specific part of the schema. A table can show in one or more layouts.

Show Column Data Types

In the menu you have an option of showing the column data type directly in the diagram.

Foreign Key Drawing

Foreign keys can be drawn in two ways: point to the involved tables or to columns. When pointing to the columns the foreign key lines may share a single line.

Drag & Drop Tables

Add tables to layout by drag and drop them from Schema Structure or by pressing the foreign key arrow icon beside columns in the existing tables.


DbSchema prints the best quality layout images. Printing can be done as well to PDF or HTML5 small vector images.

HTML5 Documentation

From the menu generate the HTML5 diagram image. Table and column comments shows as tooltips. Click here to view a sample documentation.