Version 8.3.2 Sep 28.09.2020

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Improve connection dialog
Now can choose to build URL automatic or manual. DbSchema Connection Dialog
PDF Documentation
Generating PDF documentation can read the comments as mouse over tooltips. Now the tooltips are showing faster and stable. PDF table comments
Integrate Azure Synapse
Azure Synapse is available as a distinct entry in the database list.
Integrate TimescaleDB
Table dialog has an option field where you can add the statement for creating the hyper table TimescaleDB design
Postgres Constraints DEFERRABLE
DbSchema does correctly reverse engineer 'DEFERRABLE' and 'INITIALLY DEFERRED' constraints specification. Support for Postgres Deferrable
SQL Parser from SELECT
For example, in this image DbSchema can deduce the schema from the SELECT statement. This feature is accessible in the Welcome pane by choosing 'Open SQL file and deduce schema' or from the SQL editor like here. DbSchema parse SQL script and deduce the schema The automation scripts which were accessing the parser should be adapted to the new API.
Support for MongoDb Views
DbSchema does reverse engineer and can also create Views for MongoDB. DbSchema parse SQL script and deduce the schema
MongoDB Virtual Foreign Relations
They work now also for referring fields from sub-documents. The relational data explorer can explore data from both collections.
Improve Dark Theme
Improve dark theme.
Upgrade JDBC Drivers
The latest JDBC drivers for SqlServer, PostgreSQL and MySql were added.
Sync Settings Dialog
With DDL pre/post scripts and sync filter. Pre and post scripts are migrated from local settings to the project. Synchronization Settings
Code Samples Dialog
The dialog is accessible from the SQL Editor menu and Synchronization Settings Dialog. It shows code samples which can be used for DbSchema automations, synchronization filter or forms and reports. Code Samples
Improve Data Export Task
The Data Export Task was improved for better compatibility with all databases
Bug Fixes
  • Save the model file in the same folder as the one where it has been open
  • Issue when generating PDF documentation
  • Postgres reverse engineer timestamp
  • Postgres reverse engineer identity columns