Version 8.2.12 - Jul 3.07.2020

  • Feature: Improve MongoDb support for ISODate()
  • Feature: Improve reverse engineer selection dialog
  • Feature: Improve virtual foreign keys dialog
  • Bug: Fix flickering tooltip on icons

Version 8.2.11 - Jun 15.06.2020

  • Bug: Loose zoom when dragging new table in layout
  • Bug: Sqlite reverse engineer multiple foreign keys between two tables
  • Bug: Issue in schema selection dialog
  • Bug: Relational Data Explorer edit date time bug fix
  • Feature: Project / Settings / Export Schema Script - add option for pre and post scripts to be attached to exported schema script
  • Feature: Support reading comments by reverse engineer from the SQL files
  • Feature: Integrate NuoDb
  • Feature: SQL result pane status and error combo use Monospaced font
  • Feature: Option to compare two schemas
  • Feature: Improve dark theme
  • Feature: Redshift reverse engineer diststyle
  • Feature: Improve PDF documentation
  • Feature: Customizable UI Scaling added in Project / Appearance

Version 8.2.10 - Mai 6.05.2020

  • Feature: Review Sqlite data types
  • Feature: Postgres support for types and enums
  • Feature: Postgres reverse engineer indexe WHERE clause
  • Feature: Improve Find Virtual Foreign Keys dialog to support multiple databasese
  • Feature: Vertica improvements
  • Feature: Improve MongoDb diagram auto-arrange
  • Feature: New Driver for MongoDb
  • Feature: Upgrade SqlServer driver to 8.2.2
  • Feature: Improve Pdf documentation look
  • Feature: Upgrade to OpenJdk 14 and OpenJFX 14
  • Feature: Move fast view table data ( CTLR-SHIFT-click table header ) to dialog
  • Bug: Sqlserver reverse engineer only column collations which are different from the database
  • Bug: Improve view reverse engineer
  • Bug: Improve column options dialog
  • Bug: Data Importer with Excel empty cells
  • Bug: Postgres drop unique index statement
  • Bug: Insert data in Relational Data Explorer
  • Bug: Fix for ZoomIn shortcut on Mac
  • Bug: Fix PDF documenation with Cyrilic text
  • Bug: Fix show print page borders in combination with zoom

Version 8.2.9 - Mar 27.03.2020

  • Feature: Column collation and charset. Configurable in synchronization using Project Settings / RDBMS Settings / Sync column options
  • Feature: Intoroduce JDBC driver for CSV files. Now listed as 'CSVFiles' database - directly execute SQL over CSV files.
  • Feature: Support Firebird domains
  • Feature: Improve dark theme
  • Feature: Support for Postgres Arrays in Relational Data Explorer
  • Feature: Snowflake fast list databases
  • Feature: Improve Report a Bug dialog
  • Bug: MonogoDb insert document
  • Bug: MySql reverse engineer procedures
  • Bug: Fix rendering issues in SQL Editor result pane

Version 8.2.8 - Mar 2.03.2020

  • Feature: Include Apache Ignite Database
  • Feature: Sybase support multiple databases
  • Feature: Add description dialog for procedures and functions. Available in right-click pop-up.
  • Feature: Redesign Forms and Reports
  • Feature: Reverse engineer collation for PostgreSQL and SqlServer
  • Bug: Improve synchronization
  • Bug: Fix threading in schema reverse engineer
  • Bug: Fix $and statements in MongoDb driver
  • Bug: Rename index bug crashes script generation
  • Bug: PostgreSQL reverse engineer indexes with 'order asc'
  • Bug: postgreSQL 9.x and before reverse engineer identity columns to 'nextval'

Version 8.2.7 - Jan 28.01.2020

  • Feature: Data generator edit dialog cell notification to press ENTER
  • Feature: Improve error dialog
  • Feature: New logic for Views. We store the complete view definition, including CREATE VIEW..., with tags for view and schema name.
  • Feature: Improve Architect Look & Feel
  • Bug: SQL Editor / Run Script for SqlServer
  • Bug: Cassandra and MongoDb reverse engineer with the latest JDBC drivers
  • Bug: SQL Editor error highlight for Redshift
  • Bug: Layout tooltip moved position after 1 sec
  • Bug: Copy/Paste in SQL Editor
  • Bug: Exasol drop functions

Version 8.2.6 - Jan 13.01.2020

  • Bug: Fix SqlServer schema synchronization issues after adding support for multiple databases. See also the Connection Dialog/Others/Edit Schema Mapping
  • Bug: Fix export materialized views in Schema / Generate SQL Script
  • Bug: Fix Mongodb db.collection.count()
  • Bug: Fix bug in Data Importer for importing tab separated CSV files
  • Bug: Fix SqlServer add comments on columns
  • Feature: Improve Welcome screen
  • Feature: Improve Find Virtual Foreign Keys dialog
  • Feature: Add table create computed column to Table Dialog.

Version 8.2.5 - Dec 18.12.2019

  • Feature: Add Apple Notarization required by Mac OS Catalina
  • Feature: Improvements in SQL Editor / Run Script
  • Feature: Compatibility improvements for Exasol
  • Bug: Issue in data type options and saving edited data types from Project / Settings
  • Bug(Minor): Copy /Paste in SQL Editor find/replace bar Bug(Major): Closing Frame threading issue may lock the application lock

Version 8.2.4 - Nov 25.11.2019

  • Feature: Snowflake clustering key
  • Feature: Exasol improvements
  • Feature: Improve virtual foreign key finder dialog
  • Feature: SqlServer show initially only 'dbo' catalogs
  • Bug: Fixes in MongoDb JDBC driver
  • Bug: Blocking window on Synchronization SQL dialog
  • Bug: Foreign keys not being saved correctly

Version 8.2.3 - Nov 4.11.2019

  • Feature: Improve column, table and index options
  • Feature: Support SqlServer multi-database
  • Bug: Fix Exasol partition and distribution keys
  • Bug: Fix locking when 'show page borders' was enabled and computer had no configured printer
  • Bug: For SqlServer show correctly the schemas, triggers and procedures

Version 8.2.0 - Oct 4.10.2019

  • Feature: Complete migration of DbSchema to OpenJfx and OpenJDK. First version on the market standard technologies and migration to a stable product.
  • Feature: Add Postgres options for table, column and indexes: collation, tablespaceName and other.
  • Feature: Update SqlServer and AzureSql driver to